Looking Up

A visiting friend once compared Charleston to Disneyland. (And really Disneyland should be compared to Charleston, but that's another story)  Yet, even south of Broad Street, power lines weave through the steeples and turrets and live oaks. There is something beautiful about them. They keep us real.



Helen and Josh have this old farm table and we sat for hours. Their house was in Dwell so that tells you something about the setting. It was a glorious girl's night...with a boy at the end.



Charleston never disappoints. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Mine had kitties and pool parties and hammocks in it!


Battery Walk

It was a humid, breezy night. The air had that sweet, musty smell of summer lake water. A little bit like camp. Tutti almost brawled with a kitty.


Sunday Rain

On Sunday afternoon it POURED. After a long, leisurely brunch at Olivia's, I came home to a thunder storm deluge, an icy kombucha drink and a book.


T. Hanks

Tom Hanks always does it for me. He's like a long-lost uncle. So...familiar. Anyone feel the same?

Once again, Mac and Murphy gets me with good paper. I walk in needing a birthday card and I walk out with more paper than I know what to do with.



Last night was the first night I've stayed in since Ben left. I cleaned the house, listened to loud music, watched Mad Men, and made soup. I love you friends, but a night alone was GLORIOUS.


T & E's

I spent my the morning of my birthday camped out at Tim and Elise's—quite possibly my favorite place in Charleston. It's a third story with painted red floors, sky lights, and dreamy treehouse rooms.

We drank breakfast vino verde, baked a crisp, and read magazines. Perfect.


Double Blue Birthday

Blake and I had a birthday party. It was quite possibly the best party I've ever thrown. Things got funky. We danced and DANCED. Blake took a champagne shower. There were TWO ROUNDS OF LIMBO. With all the stomping and woohooo-ing we nearly brought the house down.

The next morning there were balloons in the trees down the block and the floors were oh so sticky. There's really nothing better.

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