The Loop

This is Luna. Everyone calls her Tutti. I've had her four years and she's never needed a leash. Our twice-a-day ritual is this loop around the block. She sniffs and squats and every once in a while goes crashing off after a neighborhood cat. It's probably the most peaceful thing I do each day.



The last five days have been a party marathon. There's been as much eating, drinking, and dancing as one homie can handle. My family has been in town so we've been going out for EVERY MEAL. Not that I'm complaining.

Pictured here: Closed For Business, Fuel, and Butcher and Bee


The Garden Summer Premiere


I made a movie. In the summer of 2010, I brought four 'suburbanites' to a ranch in the foothills of the Arkansas Ozarks. We grew a big garden, sold at a local farmers market, and ate strictly within a 100-mile radius.  A year and a half and a lot of bleary-eyed, late nights later.... The Garden Summer is completed. This week the movie premiered in Charleston and everyone flew in to see and celebrate. Even my parents and my cute little (big) brother. Giddy-up!



Ben's tall drink of water friend Matt was in town this weekend and we had a saturday afternoon marathon at Taco Boy. It was a moody, gray day and we survived it with margaritas and too much queso. I just got my new camera in the mail and I am TERRIBLY EXCITED. I've been relying on Ben for all my photos needs thus far but no longer.


it's your vday

This weekend, Ben and I hosted a Valentine Party. And yes, it was a little bit like your high school prom.

There were spiked punch drinks, tulle skirts, and SO MANY STREAMERS. Alas, nobody arrived in a limousine. But we danced ourselves to jello ! 


beach sunday mimosas

Perfect Sunday. My wild and crazy friends caravanned to the beach with a jug'o'mimosa. 
We needed few 'beachy shots' for a catalog and so we gave it our best. 
There was a vintage bronco and everything!


momentus momentum momento

The first post. Let me just say that this is a long time coming. And so is this.
To joyful blogging, sunny mornings, and world peace!
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