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Holiday Outtake

My California Christmas was eighty degrees. It's a bit confusing but plenty pleasant. I get this fuzziness when I'm home where I sleep in like a teenager and want to read books all day. Additionally, I attended my poorly-attended ten year reunion. WHAT A TRIP.



Joel and I are in the Northwest for the New Year. It's not really like anything I'm used to. This part of the world always seems to be dripping, green, and cold. After a wild work whirlwind it's nice to settle into a steady rhythm of beach walks and roaring fires.


Hilton Head Thanksgiving

Far away from our west coast families, Joel and I spent Thanksgiving in Hilton Head with friends. We planned to stay one night and wound up staying three. We couldn't leave! I don't consider myself a pack animal but I could have rolled around with those buddies forever, sippin' bourbon and playin' games. That was one hell of a friendsgiving, Petersons!


That Mighty Buffalo

A big, crazy group of siblings, cousins, boyfriends, girlfriends, aunts, and uncles met in Arkansas on our family property this weekend and we played hard. We floated down this river with whiskey coffee and a lot of jokes.



We had a Halloween party and we really went for it. Sweet Becca helped us with Styrofoam horns and we made a big nasty bowl of jungle juice. As usual, Blake danced the hardest and brought down the most streamers.


Far End of Folly

I've been back in Charleston since early September and it's been all WORK. We broke away last night and had a picnic on the far end of Folly. The walk was the best part. It's like a jungle out there! The bugs got us in the end but the sunset was killer.
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