The Island

I've been going out to Kiawah a lot for work. It's a healthy forty five minutes out of town but I always look forward to the drive. The island is quiet and perfectly manicured and everyone knows everyone's name. Island life ain't bad.

The Workday

Sometimes my job is AWESOME. On THIS particular day, there were bright lights, loud music, colorful lips, jewels, a little bit of dancing and SO MUCH LAUGHING. Oh Sully you're good.


Beets Baby

At the farmers market on Saturday I bought three rounds of beets. I don't know what got into me, I just kept buying more—each bunch more glorious than the last.

And we're back on the porch. It's a bit warmer these days but there's still nothing like it. It feels like SUMMER.



My awesome friend Geoff is in town. He painted two of Kiawah's golf courses and has an art show on the Island tonight. Aren't they beautiful?


The Mule Ride

The best thing about the farm are the evening 'drink'n'drives'.  We all pile onto this off-road vehicle—affectionately: the "Mule" and go tearing around the farm, visiting chickens and kittens and cousins and sipping on a cocktail all the while. We did this until dark and then sat on the porch listening to funk. This is why I love the farm.


Farm Stroll

My sweetest sweet friends Helen and Josh came with me to the farm this weekend. I've been desperately missing Arkansas and had a Garden Summer screening scheduled at the county library. 

We had a BIG TIME. We went water skiing, cliff jumping, jet skiing, shot shotguns, did cartwheels, and Josh was bit by a bull mastiff (nothing too serious but quite the event). I didn't tote my camera around much because I was so excited to just be where I was. We took THIS morning stroll and visited some kittens and picked up some chigger bites.



I STILL don't have a memory card so here's a sweet little instagram from last night. Damnit I love them.

*Thank you Landon for the photo


Rainy Brunch

On Sunday we were supposed to float the river but we woke up to a black sky and cool weather. SO we made brunch instead. We really went all out—fresh cut flowers! Bacon! Pineapple!

*Ben accidentally took my memory card with him. I've been without a camera for the last week. Fingers crossed it comes today in the mail.




This is my mom in her late teens. She still sticks that chin out when 
she's feeling sassy. I LOVE YOU MOM.


River Kings

Last Sunday we floated down the Edisto River. I feel so passionately about this yearly event, I have a hard time putting the experience into words. Everyone turns into loud, raucous children. There is a rope swing. There are floating coolers. There are chicken fights. There is SO MUCH LAUGHING.


Goodbye Love

Today my best friend left for his big trip. Last night we rode bikes around town, took tequila shots, and laughed and laughed. I am heartbroken, yes, but also strangely excited and happy. Goodbye love.



A little video about the trip. BVI BABY.


Sweet Home

After 17 hours of travel, we arrived home late last night. This little darling was wiggling ununcontrollably when we came through the door.

I went to sleep still rocking with the motion of the boat after so many days on the ocean.


Last Day BVI

We spent our last night moored off of Norman Island. On a whim we took the dingy to shore looking for a bloody mary. WE DIDN'T RETURN FOR SIX HOURS. We played oversized jenga, and bobbed around to more reggae. There was this aggressive game of volleyball. My knees are skinned up from diving and ben woke up with splinters in his feet. Damnit it was fun. 

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