When life gives you lemons, sometimes it also throws in a handsome man to hold your hand. This boy is all fresh air and camping and jokes.

TGIF y'all.


Another Country

I have a tendency to overdo it with the scapes but I'm down to one wide angle lens and MY GOODNESS COLORADO IS BIG. I went on a Rocky Mountain tour over the weekend and couldn't get enough of the mesas, snowy peaks, aspen groves, and icy, rushing rivers.There were even a couple hikes that almost exploded my lungs. Colorado is mighty.


Shake Down

I'm back. It's been a big eight months. It's funny how things are chugging along and then BAM EVERYTHING CHANGES. It's humbling and wonderful and terrible and immense. Next week I turn 28 and leave behind a year that shook me down hard.

My mom and I went on a road trip last week and passed through the Painted Desert. The scapes stole my breath away.

I'm sorry for the absence. Much more soon.

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