Elise is my VERY HILARIOUS friend and something of a fixture on Halcyon Yeah. Here, here, and here for example.

Her new blog is called Alt-Agora. She has this great old Leica and her writing is funny. She's about to move to Los Angeles with her brad-pitt-look-alike-husband Tim. So that should be fun to watch.



The last week has been a blur. I'm moving out of my house and into a SUITCASE. It's a BIG WORK WEEK too. I've been falling into bed without dinner at 10! And I LOVE dinner!

These photos are from a dawn shoot on Kiawah last week. How about that sun, eh? It's like the Serengeti. And it really looked that orange when it was happening. I kept hearing that opening track of the Lion King. Because I'm a grown-up-child.



I had forgotten about grassy evening activities. The crickets come out, the sun is going down and it smells like cut grass. These boys played soccer and I read a book and took SO MANY PICTURES OF TUTTI. How cute is she with her little tutti tongue poking out!

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