Engineer Pass

Joel and I took one last Colorado tour with some friends. There is a high pass from Silverton to Lake City and it's rocky and serious and my all time favorite. We're up to 13,000 feet in the middle of it. Joel let Tutti out on the slow technical parts and let her run next to the car.

Colorado has been getting RAIN and everything is wet and green. We spent a night in Crested Butte and drank tequila and the wildflowers were out of control.


Velocity Basin

Over the holiday weekend we camped out of Silverton in a big land-bowl called Velocity Basin. I've never been anywhere like this NOR have I climbed mountains quite so high. We swam in that turquoise alpine lake and Tutti hunted marmots until she was hysterical.

Charleston soon. I'll have superman lungs when I get to sea-level.


Telluride Wedding

Zack and Alia got married this weekend. The wedding was outside Telluride on a ranch at the base of Wilson Peak. The same one from the Coors can.

The ceremony was the kind that made you weep. The bride and groom were gazing at each other with big, deep, serious love and everyone felt it. We all changed into jeans later on and danced danced in a big white tent with jalapeno margaritas.

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