Taking Time

Like I said, I have a lot of time on my hands right now. I've always thrown little dinner parties (BECAUSE THEY'RE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING) but it's always a mad rush to cook, clean, and set a table.

This time I took it slow. I drank wine and listened to music while I cooked. When everyone arrived, the kitchen was clean and dinner was in the oven. What a difference it makes.


Garden Summer Screenings

The Garden Summer—MY LABOR OF LOVE—is completed. It's been a long and dusty road. While we work on original music and before I send off to film festivals, there will be four SPRING SCREENINGS!

Because of the great response at the premiere, the film will show again in Charleston on April 16th at the Sotille Theatre. Then again in Conway, Arkanses on May 18th. I'm in the process of booking Washington DC and my hometown, San Diego. STAY TUNED.



This time of year I wake up a little happier and go to bed a little more content. The roasted veggies help. So does the smell of jasmine. And dogwood trees. And let's not forget evening bike rides, outdoor brunches, and sun kissed shoulders. I LOVE SPRING.

Also here is Ben in a new shirt with a carrot. CUTE.



AH SUNDAY. We laughed ourselves delirious. There was a brunch, indeed, but there was also window shopping, neighborhood strolling, and an afternoon thunderstorm.

And DAMNIT Charleston is pretty in Spring!


Bikes and Nudes

Re/nude! Ben was in an art show at Redux last night. NUDES for PLANNED PARENTHOOD. We took a spring bike ride, caught up with friends, and saw ourselves some naked bodies.

I am proud of Ben.



Ben has a couple of old film cameras that he lugs around and rarely uses. But every once in a while he'll pull one out create grainy magic.

He calls them Scapes. It's hard to make photography into fine art but BY GEORGE I THINK HE'S GOT IT.



This weekend the two best-looking people I know married each other. Hooray Mike and Anna! The wedding took place at their beautiful home near the marsh of the Ashley River. There were flower petals in the fountains, twinkling music playing, and all the bartenders were dressed up like rock stars. (A fantastic touch I think)

The best part about the weddings of good friends is that all the other good friends are there to celebrate. "The Family" was in full attendance. We drank strong drinks and pushed each other onto the dance floor.


Good Paper

I recently paid my first visit to Mac and Murphy, a Charleston paper company down the street. The owners are SO sweet and SO chic (a tricky combination) and the paper is DELICIOUS.

And really there's nothing better than receiving a beautiful card in the mail!
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