Charleston is flirting with hurricane Isaac and has been halfway underwater for the last couple days. This morning I got up REALLY EARLY and went over to Ben's to drink coffee on the roof and watch the sky. I like when the city is dripping like this. It smells like a lake and makes for good deep sleep.


The Dredge

August has been intense. I feel like my whole life has taken a big right-angled turn. Our house in Charleston sold, my parents are moving out of my childhood home, my brother is joining the Coast Guard, Ben returned, and I got back to work.

The best thing about moving and changing is the mass purge you do on all your THINGS. I have so many things. It's lovely to let go... and then let go a bit more. I found this old photo of Ben and myself when I was organizing hard drives. I'll always have it.


Bull Street

Ben is back. He's staying at Tim and Elise's while they're in Los Angeles (looking for a new home!) 

We've been making quiet dinners together and seeing what's what. It's nice to be in this treehouse, hearing stories and hanging out with this snow white kitten. 


The Fuzzco Show

Helen and Josh are the parents of Fuzzco and some of Ben and my dearest friends. Almost a decade ago I visited their home office for help on a little project and now they are a successful firm of ten.

Saturday night we had a dinner date and took a walk to the NEW Fuzzco building. It's big and dusty and is about to drastically transform. I am disproportionately excited to watch all the work unfold.


Morning at Home

I snuck home to San Diego on a whim last night. I got in late and I left early but it was worth it. This morning we did what we always do. Porch coffee talk.



My parent's dear old friends live in a beautiful house overlooking the Pacific. And the guestroom is THIS AIRSTREAM. So for the next few nights I am falling asleep to the smell of eucalyptus and—believe it or not—the sound of waves crashing far below. It's good to be in my homestate.



We had a staycation on Kiawah. We swam in the pool, made an apple pie, and listened to loud music. We also had to touch all the sculptures and spent some quality time on that spiral staircase... Yes, for a little while I felt SO FAR AWAY FROM HOME.

*Also. While Tim was cutting apples for the apple pie, notice he's wearing a t-shirt that says 'This City Kills Innocence'. Hilarious, no?


Work(ing it)

Uh how great is this shot from this May shoot?! Oh Sully that was fun.



Ben finished his epic journey yesterday. He rode 4,000 miles west on a bicycle
and then 4,000 miles east on a motorbike.

I'm proud of him and excited for him. WHAT'S NEXT?!



During the PGA week, we spent a lot of time at this house on the Atlantic. Every day we'd park there and then walk the beach to the tournament. At the end of a long (HOT) day of shooting, we'd walk back and jump in the pool or drink some perrier.

It was fun. We got to spend time with Lenny, my favorite austrian gangster ginger playboy.



The last couple days have been a golf marathon. Last night after Rory McIlroy won the Championship, we walked back to the house on the beach and took these photos of the glorious sky. It was a great end to the long week.



Geoff is in town again! We're spending the weekend at the Ocean Course photographing the PGA Championship.  It's hot. We may even take a break today and swim at the clubhouse. Hah!


Family Dinner

I have missed Tim and Elise. Giggling and drinking wine on the porch with them feels like going home.

Yes, the dinner party was marvelous. Elise SURE OUTDID HERSELF with the peach and prosciutto hors d'oeuvre.


Station 11

I love taking photographs. LOVE. But there are times where the last thing I want to do is step out of a moment to capture it. I just wanna be in it. That's where I've been lately.

That said... How grand is the Sullivan's Island sky in August? You sick of vista photos yet?

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