The Loop

This is Luna. Everyone calls her Tutti. I've had her four years and she's never needed a leash. Our twice-a-day ritual is this loop around the block. She sniffs and squats and every once in a while goes crashing off after a neighborhood cat. It's probably the most peaceful thing I do each day.


  1. where did the name tutti come from?
    i like her little scarf, very springy (is that a word? sorry, not a native speaker :)

  2. she is so dang cute :) where did tutti come from?

  3. Oh gosh these pictures are pretty darn cute :)
    What a good little pup!

  4. Tutti comes from a shelter in southern California. I rescued her when she was 4 months old. I think she was picked up in the deserts of Arizona :) She is a grateful and happy pup.


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