Double Blue Birthday

Blake and I had a birthday party. It was quite possibly the best party I've ever thrown. Things got funky. We danced and DANCED. Blake took a champagne shower. There were TWO ROUNDS OF LIMBO. With all the stomping and woohooo-ing we nearly brought the house down.

The next morning there were balloons in the trees down the block and the floors were oh so sticky. There's really nothing better.


  1. I wish I had friends as fun as you guys! The porch dinner parties, beach visits, rafting, parties, etc all look so fun! My friends never do anything fun like that. I'm not ungrateful for them but I often times wish I had a fun and close group of friends like you and Olivia seem to.

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Looks like a blast! Love your photography, you have a great eye!

  3. Looks like so much fun for everyone!! I'm thinking of maybe just throwing my own bday party this year, too. Happy late birthday!!

  4. haha which colours did you use for your faces? You seem to have an amazing group of friends!

  5. Blake is clearly a party animal! Love it(:
    Happy Birthday to you both!

  6. I love the war paint on your face. Brings out the colours of your eyes. (This is actually the first time I noticed your eyes were blue.)


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