Family Portraits

Last night I hosted a family dinner party on the porch. Damnit I love these people! Dinner was outrageously good and so was the raucous game of catchphrase afterwards. There was hysterical laughing and SO MANY CURSE WORDS. My poor neighbors.

Also we took THIS HILARIOUS PHOTO. I think it's funny that Tim isn't even looking at the camera. 


  1. Family Portraits. As I was looking at this post I titled it "Roll Call" :)

  2. So, I totally stumbled upon your blog...and thought Charleston! Love it. Now, looking at your picture I realize I know you and some of the people in them (well just Elise!). I swam and was an English Major at CofC and now I know for sure I had a few classes with you...and maybe shared some wild turkey with you before graduation...

    Call me a crazy/stalker...but it just clicked.

  3. you're good at dinner parties.

    the last photo is a riot.

  4. Beautiful family! Love the last shot (;

  5. I freaking love your blog. So glad I found you.


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