Quiet and Clean

IS IT JUST ME OR IS 2012 A DOOZY?  The fall of 2011 plodded along but when January hit MAN THINGS STARTED HAPPENING. Does anyone else feel the same?

Ben and I have had a series of (wonderful) house guests for the last three weeks and it has been fun and busy. I will say, though, how lovely it is to have a clean and quiet house. I've been reveling in it.

Also, see this picture of Ben and I below? These are our PRE-COSTA RICA FACES!

*Sorry for all the caps. I'm terribly excitable and honestly—I'd write everything in caps if I could


  1. have a wonderful time bug! catch up on the couch when you get back please. luf emiloo

  2. i was in costa rica in 2007. surfing in the warm ocean, theres nothing better!
    have a great time!!!

  3. I always love that calmness that comes after having visitors for a while. Even if you've enjoyed the visit it's nice to have your space back to just yourself afterwards. :)

    Ooh, Costa Rica! Have a great time! When do you leave and how long is your trip?

  4. wow! have fun in costa rica!

  5. Oh! That's one of my favorite Donna Hurt photographs. I must have been bidding against you for it several years back at a Redux auction I was helping with. Glad to see it found a lovely home!

    1. No kidding!!! I did indeed win it at the auction! I adore it. The title is "ant head" which I think is obscure and funny. :)

  6. Your place looks gorgeous and indeed calm now! Have a wonderful trip.


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