Costa Rica - Cascadas y Piscinas

Well there was this one day that really stood out.

We started the day with fresh mango and papaya for breakfast and then took a long, bumpy jimmy-ride to Montezuma. [Monte'fuma', as they call it, is a tiny hippie beach town on the inlet side of the peninsula. Indeed, the whole town seemed a bit stoned.] We hiked through the jungle to a chain of three waterfalls and swam and jumped our hearts out.

That night we picked up our beloved vacation-friends and drove up to a hilltop overlooking Mal Pais and the mighty Pacific. YES there was an infinity pool and YES there was a BAR IN THE POOL. Pina Coladas for everyone. When the sun went down everyone cheered.


  1. Gaaaaaaagagagaaga all looks AMAZING. Costa Rica now firmly planted on my list! I think it's high time me & the hubs took a tropical holiday!

    You guys are so lucky! You look so refreshed. :)

  2. The resort looks lovely! That pool is amazing. Glad you had fun!

  3. never experienced the joys of an infinity pool... looks pretty cool.

  4. Your photos are gorgeous! Looks like you all had a fabulous time.

  5. That pool is amazing. Beautiful photos.


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