Costa Rica - Quemadura del Sol !

Ahhhhh Pura Vida! Costa Rica was GLORIOUS. Ben and I did some SERIOUS LOUNGING. The weather was warm, the drinks were cold, and the friends were plenty. We read books, napped, watched  the sunset with our toes in the sand, and woke up early each morning to HOWLER MONKEYS. (dear lord I thought a giant baboon was coming to kill me when I heard the howler for the first time. Turns out they're tiny guys, the size of a small dog but with the lung capacity of an elephant)

We went to a little town called Santa Theresa on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. Santa Theresa and neighboring Mal Pais are the surf mecca of Costa Rica. Everyone is happy and tan. It was dreamy. Waterfall and infinity pool photo dump manana.


  1. isn't it wonderful!?! my husband and i have dreams of living there one day.

  2. whoa! gorg! the first two photos are amazing! i'm coming next time.

  3. oh, wow... beautiful! is it very expensive to stay in costa rica?

  4. Gah. I love it. Can't wait to hear more. xoxo.


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