The North Shore

Unlike crazy Honolulu, the North Shore has stayed pretty country. The locals are protective of their paradise and rightfully so. Our days were a rhythm of morning swims, papaya breakfast, reading, cooking, and beach-hopping. On this particular day, we visited our favorite fruit stand off Kamehameha Highway and found this shady beach WITH NO ONE ON IT.

It was strange without our dad but it was a damn good vacation. My brother was in rare form and we were often laughing until we cried. We ate many beautiful meals and spent endless hours on our breezy lanai. We spent time just HANGING OUT. 

Thanks Hawaii.


  1. 1) Love the photo of you.
    2) Oh man, I'd simply die for a mango right now. Can't wait for summer to arrive in Cape Town.
    3) the picture of those pink things, under the Beet Box photo ... Are they flowers?

  2. Awww the Beet Box! My friend Marlys works there.

  3. Whoa, I've never seen dragonfruit on the vine before, that's really cool!


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