I'm finishing up a crazy month with a family trip to the North Shore. We are staying in a green house with a wrap-around lanai and a koi pond. The plan is to cruise around the island and swim and eat mangos and make great dinners. It's been pretty glorious so far. This flower arrangement came from the garden !

My mom's best friend Martha is along and she is the best. She makes a nasty-good mai tai and swims naked in our little pool.


  1. Those flowers. They are ridiculous.
    What's the boy holding in his hand? A ball or an exotic type of fruit? He seems to be completely fascinated by it.

  2. It's a mango Sid! It's my brother. He was fishing the mangos down from the tree with that pool skimmer. Hah.

  3. the beautiful north shore! gorgeous photos!

  4. So beautiful! My sister is moving to Hawaii due to her boyfriend being stationed there on base. Can't wait to visit them constantly haha.

    I'm so glad to see you back! *A huge bear hug* to you for making it out on the other side of tough times.


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