Virgin Gorda Anegada

Yesterday we sailed from Virgin Gorda to outlying Anegada. The wind was strong and WE CHARGED ACROSS THE OPEN OCEAN! What an incredible feeling. There are wide nets ("trampolines" to a sailor) at the front of boat to lounge on. When the boat is pitching back and forth and forward, it's ridiculous fun bouncing around up there, rum drink in hand.

Anegada isn't like the other islands. It's remote and quiet. It's the favorite of our hosts (one of which is pictured above with the conch and a rum drink).

For dinner we took the dingy to the Anegada Reef Hotel. With our toes in the sand and candlelight flickering, we had a feast of (GIGANTIC) Caribbean Spiny Lobster and red wine. I never want to stop sailing.


  1. What a table. What a setting. Love the photos especially of the baths and this. What a treat to see. Keep em coming.

  2. This all sounds way too perfect, luxurious and fun.
    beautiful photos, as always.

  3. How incredibly glamorous and lovely. I hope your trip continues to be so wonderful.


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