Yesterday we drove down the valley to Telluride. My dad calls it 'to-hell-you-ride' and has wanted to move here for the last 20 years. Every time we visit he collects a stack of real estate listings to take home and pore over.

I am in love with this mountain town. There are amazing restaurants, old cowboys, chic galleries, and good-looking hippies. A dramatic storm rolled in when we arrived but WE TOOK THE GONDOLA RIDE ANYWAY. It was beautiful. We stayed far too late at an old dark saloon called the New Sheridan and I got tipsy on thin mountain air and wine.


  1. Wow. Wow wow wow. That place looks incredible! I don't often wig out over thunderstorm-y photos but these are wonderful.


  2. Wow the place looks so beautiful!

  3. Telluride is a dream. You should come back for the Telluride Bluegrass Festival - best in the world :) I have no doubts as to why your dad dreams of living there.


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