Casa Mono

I live upstairs from a restaurant and wine bar brother and sister—Casa Mono and Bar Jamon. I have spend MANY long evenings at Bar Jamon but last night was my first time at Casa Mono. My mother is in town and I've been saving it for her.  It has a Michelin star and the food was RIDICULOUSLY GOOD. We even tried the rabbit...


  1. I work nearby and walk by there occasionally and have always wanted to give them a try! I just might have to do that soon :)

    Isn't Irving Place gorgeous?! It's such a special pocket of calm next to the craziness of Union Square. Are you in NYC for good?

  2. Oh I looooove it. It reminds me of so many little bars/restaurants in Madrid.

  3. I am in love with the shelf full of wine bottles!! <3


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